Africa Hunting

What comes to mind when you think of Africa Safaris?

Early explorers searching for sources of rivers and lakes, gold and diamond mines, safari hunters and huge herds of animals? The landscape of Africa is as diverse as it’s people. There is dramatic beauty in the country with its lush forests, broad savannas, cascading waterfalls, craggy mountains and vast deserts.

Africa is the land of beauty, fierceness, serenity, silence and magnificence. It is the place you come to experience primitive and modern hunting Safaris.

Being professional hunters ourselves, we know how important it is to pay meticulous attention to details when planning an Africa safari for our clients. We are fully committed to the quality of your entire African hunting safari.

The following safaris areas are available:

South Africa with its vast and contrasting landscape is unique in the world.

Zimbabwe’s plateaus, from the tangled hills and valleys of the northwest to the Zambezi plains to the flat
savanna of the Save Basin.

Botswanna with its nearly level sand-filled basin to the scrub-covered savanna, on to the great Kalahari

Tanzania: one of the last frontiers of Africa with its vast plains and Rift Valley.

Zambia with its small flat hills to the huge valleys is known for its great cat hunting.

In these areas you have the opportunity to hunt many magnificent trophy animals including but not limited to: elephant, lion, leopard, and buffalo. Many others include antelopes, hippo, giraffe, zebra, warthog, the carnivores, some primates and a host of smaller animals.
From aardwolf to zebra we offer the best priced packages available in Africa along with the traditional safaris.
If you are looking for a unique safari experience, whether hunting or photographic, for yourself, your family, or for a group, let us share the wonders of Africa with you.