Luxury Travel Destinations

A few weeks before the end of 2018, they begin to know what the traveling trends will be for the year 2019, and it is already known that Italy continues to be the leading world destination, as well as the leader in family trips, honeymoons, and getaways of ‘millennials’.

Italy is the Main World Destination

As every year, Virtuoso, the international network of travel agents, reveals the preferences of consumers on high-level trips and experience. This is carried out through an exhaustive survey of network travel advisors worldwide.

Paris, Rome, New York, Cape Town, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, ​​Dubai, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Venice are the 10 cities that have the most reservations so far. However, Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, Orlando (it has the ‘Disney World’ tourist complex), and Florida are the destinations chosen for family visits.

Florida Beach

Everything indicates that the first reason to take a trip in 2019 is motivation, and social networks have a lot to do with this. With the rise of the so-called ‘ influencers ‘, the desire to find the most captivating photographs is boosted, and more and more customers are requesting photo sessions in the chosen destinations. The ‘ likes ‘ move your life, and it is essential to have a decent profile on Instagram.

However, the rich will move for another reason: explore new destinations, and the result of the survey is especially striking because they turn out to be known countries: Italy, France, South Africa, United States, Iceland, Mexico, Spain, Croatia, Japan, and Australia are the ones chosen by the wealthiest people.

When choosing commercial flights, ‘ premium ‘ passengers prefer the comforts of the first and business classes and pull the VIP services of the airports when they land, such as help with customs and connections. In addition, VIP passengers go a step further in terms of luxury services and request private helicopter transportation to airports or between a tourist island to another.

Topt Travel Destinations

The destinations chosen by emerging travelers will be Japan (tops the list for the first time, having a third and fifth place in 2018 and 2017), Croatia, Iceland, Portugal, Egypt, Cuba, Morocco, Antarctica, South Africa, and Colombia. And the most adventurous will opt for South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Antarctica, Peru, Australia, Kenya, and the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

According to the report, the wealthiest travelers are expressing a greater interest in animal-related experiences.

Apparently, travelers express their preferences more accurately. Nothing is left to chance, as more and more customers request pre-established meals and appointments. The consumer not only looks for reservations in the restaurants but also exact tables at the points of most significant demand, as well as wines with advance order to accompany the meal.