Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Hotel Burj Al Arab. In Dubai, UAE

The Burj Al Arab hotel, whose name in Spanish means: The Tower of the Arabs, is a majestic hotel, which is about 321 meters high, thanks to this it is considered the 4th largest hotel in the world. This hotel is located about 17 kilometers south of Dubai in the Persian Gulf, built on its own artificial island about 280 meters from the beach, connected to land only by a land route.

Entrance to the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Characteristics, curiosities, and extravagances of Burj Al Arab.
Its construction began in 1994, which took only 5 years for its inauguration in December 1999, the architecture of this hotel was inspired by a sailing boat , the hotel is located on the beach in a specific way, so that its shadow does not cover the beach, it has its own helipad on the roof of the hotel, which was used in an advertisement as a tennis court where the famous tennis players Roger Federer and André Agassi participated .

The decoration of this hotel was in charge of the famous Chinese decorator Khuan Chew, whose instructions issued by the Sheikh of Dubai were very specific, in which it was found to innovate and impact not only the guest but also the hotel workers. However, 6 months before the inauguration of this impressive hotel, it was the Sheikh of Dubai directly to supervise the hotel, which was amazed at such perfection and luxury, but seeing the reception with a minimalist design, again sent Khuan Chew to redesign and redecorate the reception, and in fact it was the best decision since the lobby was incredibly impressive, full of vibrant colors, water fountains that dance to the rhythm of the music,as well as adding a light show and a gigantic aquarium that complement the majesty of the hotel and without a doubt this impressive lobby is just an open mouth to such perfection, in its decoration large amounts of exotic marble stand out, completely gold leaflets as well as velvet in many of its fabrics.

Reception of Burj Al Arab Hotel

This hotel has highly trained and qualified staff to serve the most demanding guests in the world, the staff is rigorously selected, and they are also from more than 80 countries of native origin so that there is no problem with the internationality of its guests.

The lobby of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

This majestic hotel has 202 rooms which are all extremely luxurious suites, these suites vary according to size, the smallest suite measures about 169 square meters, and has a value of $ 2,500 per night, while the larger suites measure 780 square meters and its value is between $ 35,000 and $ 40,000 per night, if this seemed expensive it is absolutely nothing compared to the royal suite called The Royal Suite which has a cost of nothing more and nothing less than $ 137,716 per night .

The Royal Suite Room at the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Each suite has panoramic windows which provide a wide view of the Persian Gulf, also includes nothing more and nothing less than a gold iPad of about 4 carats, a 21-inch iMac, several interactive high-definition televisions, the design of the Suites is a fusion between East and Middle East, and their bathrooms are completely full of mosaics, each delicately crafted by prestigious artists, mosaics that complement and harmonize the decoration of each suite.

The hotel has a total of 9 restaurants, which several of them have the precious Michelin star, among the most prominent restaurants are Al Mahara . This is located under the sea, offering a pleasant underwater view through a window that gives the impression of a gigantic aquarium, we also have the Al Muntaha, which is located about 200 meters high, offering a completely extraordinary panoramic view of all of Dubai.

It should also be noted that the latter is located on an aerial platform and it is accessed through a completely panoramic elevator, offering an exquisite view of the entire Persian Gulf, it is definitely not an act restaurant for cardiac.
This impressive hotel not only has luxurious rooms and impressive restaurants that exalt international cuisine, but also has golf courses, swimming pools, spas which have the most expensive treatments to please the most demanding clients, a water park that offers various sports activities, its guests and customers have the possibility to request a Rolls Roice Silver Seraph, to move to where they want as well as a helicopter which arrives directly to the hotel helipad.

This hotel is actually rated with 6 stars. However, thanks to its extravagance as luxury is treated, the press has named it: “ The only 7-star hotel in the world. ”

Four Seasons Hotel George V. – Paris, France.

The Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris not only has a complicated name, as you may have noticed, this hotel is the most luxurious in all of France making it one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, located a few meters from the fields Elysées , this magnificent hotel has its own private characteristic terraces, which provide an incredible panoramic view of the romantic city of Paris .

Four Seasons George v Hotel Terraces

Just by crossing the entrance of this majestic hotel, you will realize that perfection, luxury, art, architecture, design, and voluptuousness are all that are details that come out when you enter and dazzle with this hotel.

Characteristics, curiosities, and extravagances of the Four Seasons Hotel George V

This incredible and luxurious hotel has exceptional rooms without talking about its luxurious palatial suites, which most have their own private terrace, which offers the guest an incredible and unforgettable view of the incredible city of lights.

Each of its rooms is equipped and furnished with the best technological equipment such as interactive TV, player, Wi-Fi signal, as well as consenting to coffee lovers, each room has its own Express coffee maker, as well as a luxurious mini bar, and a safe for those who wish to protect their belongings.

Rooms of the Four Seasons George v Hotel

Its elegance has no limits. This hotel has majestic and magnificent tapestries and carpets from the 17th century, which have been perfectly restored, thus framing a spirit of charm, elegance, romanticism.

It is without a doubt a completely historic building, and it was built in 1928, it has a total of 8 floors; Offering about 224 rooms, the decoration of this hotel is characterized by emphasizing the art, history, and avant-garde of the town.

The location of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, is completely perfect since it was designed for all tastes, it is about 3.5 km from the best and most iconic fashion shops, 2 km from the cafes of Saint-Germain -des-Pres, is also quite close to the golden triangle which we know is famous thanks to its haute couture boutiques, last but not least we must mention that the hotel is nothing more and nothing less than 2 km from the monumental tower Eiffel .

View of the Eiffel Tower From, the Four Seasons George v Hotel

We know that France is recognized not only for its fashion, its coffee but also for its excellent cuisine, which is why the hotel emphasized being very meticulous when choosing its gastronomic staff, which is highly qualified.

Impeccable Cuisine at the Four Seasons George v Hotel

In their restaurant Le Cinq they have managed to obtain nothing more and nothing less than 2 Michelin stars, which without a doubt is an incredible achievement, offering a varied and exquisite classic French cuisine, and also quite light and international menus for guests who They are not familiar with the local cuisine.

This hotel offers for all tastes, also includes the elegant restaurant La Galerie, which is the favorite of guests and how not to be, if it offers an exquisite tasting of French and international wines accompanied by a delicious appetizer, we can even find for those who love the nightlife at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, has a Le Bar night restaurant where you can taste delicious tapas or light meals accompanied by music and a variety of national and international cocktails.

La Galerie Restaurant at the Four Seasons George v Hotel

If you thought you had seen everything, this is not the case, and this hotel has its own spa which offers a wide variety of saunas, a jacuzzi, a high range of body and facial treatment, as well as an exquisite indoor pool perfectly tempered for the tasting of your guests