South Africa Lodge

Your hosts during your stay with Jimbah Safaris are Owen and Riana Smith.

Owen and Riana are lifelong residents of the Eastern Cape Province and are extremely familiar with the environment and terrain of the Eastern Cape and all of the areas that you may be hunting during your safari.

They have been dedicated to the Safari business since1986, and since that time have hosted many hunters, observers and guests from the USA, Europe and Australia, providing each of them with an unforgettable experience!

Owen has been a licensed Professional Hunter and a Licensed Outfitter in South Africa since 2001. He has, of course, hunted, lived and worked on the lands of the Eastern Cape for many years. His hunting style favors the “spot and stalk” method of hunting used by most hunters in the Eastern Cape. Owen rather believes in actually hunting ones quarry and stalking as close as possible to provide for both an accurate appraisal of the quality of the trophy, and a reasonable shot for the hunter. And, while Owen hunts hard every day , every hunt, he is also enjoys relaxing with the hunters at the end of the day. He enjoys hunters and hunting and knows that the shared experiences contribute greatly to the memories you will take with you when you leave.

Riana meanwhile, handles all the aspects of your accommodation and meals in the lodge. In addition she insures that proper records of your hunt are maintained and exercises tight control of the business side of your safari! Riana has a background including the farming traditions of the Eastern Cape and your meals will feature many local dishes reflecting that. These meals will also provide you with the opportunity to sample much of the wild game being hunted. [Special dietary needs can be catered to as required] You should look forward to the tasty little “Starters” that will precede your evening meal, and be sure to look for the home made “Rusks” to go with your morning tea or coffee!

Owen and Riana are dedicated to providing each hunter an experience of a lifetime. Their exacting standards and professional approach to your safari, from beginning to end, are dedicated to providing you with a safari that is both successful and personally rewarding. You will surely leave the Eastern Cape with great new friends, and awesome memories!*

Jimbah Safaris hunting area includes concessions in the Eastern Cape of nearly 1 000 000 acres. There are 30 huntable species available in these concession areas, ranging from Blue Duiker, and Steenbuck to Cape Buffalo, Cape Eland and Rhino. The Lodge and Ranch which is Jimbah Safaris primary location is located near Bedford, Eastern Cape, South Africa. The terrain varies from flat plateau to mountainous, about 3500vt above sea level, including open grassy plains and extremely dense bush. The Eastern Cape is a fairly temperate climate, generally including cool temperatures in the mornings and evenings, which usually warm by mid day. While the winter temperatures are usually mild, we have hunted in light snow on a few occasions in recent years. The Eastern Cape is a malaria free area, so no preventative medicines or shots will be required during your stay there.