Top Restaurants in USA

Discover the ultimate best restaurants in USA, read our reviews and book your next reservation. Here they are :

The Bazaar Restaurant

It is located in Los Angeles (located in the heart of Beverly Hills) its owner is the Spanish chef José Andrés, and is considered one of the restaurants of the future. It is very elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated. It is usually attended by celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Natalie Portman.

Blue Ridge Restaurant

The food of this restaurant is based on the tradition of Atlantic cuisine. It should be noted that it is one of the biggest attractions since it has the chef of the year Barton Seaver, acclaimed for its elaborate dishes and great flavors, highlighting the chicken cake with sauteed cookies and the fried potato fritters covered with honey mustard. It is considered to be one of the restaurants with avant-garde food at the moment.

Paces 88 Restaurant

You can visit it in Atlanta. The most striking thing about this site is its spacious and elegant dining room. It is a restaurant that stands out in culinary matters because the Gallo kitchen team seeks to combine traditional French French flavors with typical Latin American flavors.

Sho Shaun Hergatt Restaurant

It features the cuisine of Australian chef Shaun Hergatt, highlighting the presentation and taste of each meal prepared by his hands. Among its best dishes, the double duck consommé includes ravioli stuffed with chicken and mushrooms, specifically black truffles, as well as lobster soup, considered a good entry.

Its striking dining rooms are identified by having a moderately Japanese style, including indirect lighting at each table, creating an atmosphere of intimacy. All this in the middle of Manhattan.

L’Albatros Brasserie Restaurant & Bar

It is located in Cleveland. It is identified by combining the typical flavors of France and the United States.

Among their dishes stand out quenelles lobsters accompanied by meatballs, covered with a dense sauce. You can also try the choucroutte and even the outstanding American sauce based on lobster, tomato, butter, and brandy.

Alinea Restaurant in Chicago

It is located in Chicago, in the hands of chef Dave Beran. This restaurant has exquisite menus that will leave you wanting to continue and continue tasting them. It should be noted that to get to know Alinea and savor your food, and you have to reserve the table three months in advance, due to the high demand it has.

Daniel Restaurant in New York

It is a luxurious restaurant that offers a spacious and elegant lounge, with a fabulous atmosphere to enjoy a good evening, is listed with four stars by the New York Times in 2009, and two stars of the Guide Michelin.

It is located to the east of Manhattan, offering great service as well as high-quality cuisine. The dishes that you will find on the menu belong to French cuisine, inspired by the seasons. The kitchen is under the command of renowned French chef Daniel Boulud.

Le Bernardin Restaurant, New York

Le Bernadin is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. This is an internationally known seafood restaurant that was born in Paris in 1972 by the brothers Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze. He arrived in New York in 1986. He is in Midtown Manhattan, and his cuisine is French, with a specialty in seafood.

Restaurant Eleven Madison Park In New York

It is located in the center of Manhattan, and its cuisine stands out for the Swedish chef Daniel Humm, combining creativity and tradition.

But they highlight even more their quality products because they have people well prepared in culinary issues and work exclusively for this very well-known restaurant. Some of the most requested dishes are fried octopus with sausage and onion prepared with caramel, smoked sturgeon sabayon with scallion oil and lobster cooked in butter, roasted leek and squid ink, among others.

The French Laundry in Napa Valley (California)

Thomas Keller’s restaurant has achieved the highest position of the most requested in this country. It is located in the heart of Napa Valley in California. It has a strong influence of French cuisine that has led it to become a reference in the United States